The Prophesy

During the aftermath of the invasion of Valdere the Company was clearing out the chambers of Bishop Darolous where they made a surprising discover…

In a private library, they found a desk covered in what look like pieces of a fine manuscript with illuminations along the edges and a fine, flowing script. Although nobody could read the script, the more experienced members of the Company agreed that it is Barazhad (the script of the Primordials and Demons).

Interspersed with the original text and on some of the pages without illuminations there are notes in Common. There are speculations about the translations of a specific word here and there. Comments on the history of Valdere and cross references also abound.

Finally in one stack carefully set aside a handful of pages in the same hand as the notes but which contain what appears to be a fine copy with a solid translation inset.

The Prophesy

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