The Company of the Silver Star

Session 6: 21 November 2008

{We are missing Mendel’s player this session.}

We are on our station, a segment of the walls of the city. We start with extensive description of the terrain. Session begins at sunset with us on the wall. The cleric is fighting a case of Filth Fever. Nothing happens that night.

Come morning we can see the beginnings of forces of kobolds coming out of Docktown to the slope of the hill on which the city is built; they remain out of bowshot. They form line abreast. Mid-morning their senior commanders arrive: we see a Wyrmpriest every hundred yards or so, and groups of larger & more heavily armed & armored kobolds stud their line. There are about a thousand on our wall frontage, and with the levies under our command, we are outnumbered about 3 to 1. [Note: this is what the paper notes say; my memory indicates that 30 to 1 is more like it: about 30 of us including levies versus that thousand of them, though they cannot bring all of those to bear against us.] Around midday siege equipment starts arriving, first ladders, and later in the afternoon siege towers are wheeled up. Runners come along the walls, and all sectors are seeing the same magnitude of force and preparations.

At sunset the torches are lit along the wall, and by 8 PM it is dark enough we can no longer see the assembling kobold forces. But we can hear them coming. We launch a couple of sunrods out there attached to arrows to produce a lit zone, and we can see them coming, in formation, with a tower behind them, masses of kobolds drawing it forward. We start lobbing arrows into that mass, and as it draws into range, we shoot at the tower. They do not pause in their assault. The ladders start coming up before the tower gets to the wall and combat begins.

The minions we have with us thin out with the hits they take from the kobolds, and we PCs are spread too thin to hold the sector even before the tower makes it to the wall. We push some ladders back, but others are thrust up in their place. The tower arrives and opens its drawbridge on us. If that was all there was, we could hold them off, but there are way too many are swarming up the ladders around us, and some infiltrators are going down into the city rather than fight us. We are killing lots of kobolds but they are replaced as fast as we can make room for them to fight on the wall. The sectors to either side of us have fallen. We are in danger of being surrounded and pulled down individually, so we begin retreating from the wall and into the built-up city slum behind us.

We make it past the infiltrators and to an inn which is our internal rallying point and the Healers’ station. We have lost the wall, and all our levy troops, but our team of PCs is in pretty good shape for more fighting.



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