The Company of the Silver Star

Session 3: 31 Oct 2008

[The players of Urrik and Ryujin were absent.]

Kesh’t recovers the raft downstream of the scene of the last fight, and we start paddling/swimming across the river with our raft. We pass a skill challenge to make it across the river. The walls of the city are above us on the bluff, but Docktown has not yet been attacked? On the other hand, there is no defense of it in place: the place seems to have been abandoned and everyone withdrawn inside the walls. We take back streets trying to elude pursuit, but get into a nasty little cockroach warren fight as the kobolds seem to have infested a lot of the buildings. We beat them up and they flee.

There are raspy bellowings from all over, as we are in the middle of the Shantytown in Docktown. There is another skill challenge to thread through the shanties, ending with our wizard bluffing the kobolds into taking the wrong turn while we get free of the maze. There is open road here, and we run to the postern gate and make it through, with our boys and our two prisoners, though the gate guards have to seize them in the confusion of the gate.

The kobold horde comes to the edge of Docktown, but they stay out of missile range of the walls of the greater city.

We are recognized as remnants of the Company, and directed to report to the Emperor. The defenses at the gate and walls are OK, and our boys go off in search of their kin. The city is crowded but not unliveable. At the Palace we report in, have a bit of heel-cooling to do. The honchos we meet seem distinctly crestfallen to discover that there are only the nine of us left from the Company. The Emperor contracts our services again, and we are assigned to go into the catacombs, make a sweep through them and make sure they are safe; the plan is to put the overflow of the noncombatants in there, since the catacombs are within the Keep and space is at a premium. After that, we’ll be on the walls.



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