The Company of the Silver Star

Session 2: 24 Oct 2008

We move toward the city, paralleling the road about a quarter mile off, tending toward Miller’s Crossing. A couple of hours of slow going gets us to within a mile of Miller’s Crossing, at which point we see another kobold patrol, but we elude them. Our scouts move to the edge of the village, and see no sign of any human resistance. There are a few burning buildings and some moving figures, but those are probably kobold stragglers/looters and the humans have abandoned the place. On the roads the kobolds are moving carts of stuff, which may be loot, may be other stuff.

We are now a quarter mile from the road and 3/4 of a mile — and across the water — from Miller’s Bridge, and our city. The river is quite wide, and there are no watercraft near here in normal circumstances.

We find a knot of trees and do a cold camp there. It is an uneventful night, and dawn comes, with lots of kobolds moving in the distance; they are in gangs of 10 to 20, with a few individual scouts as they move.

The city is only 4 or 5 miles away, downstream, but it is on the far side of the water. Meanwhile, Kos and Mal spot more kobolds coming out of Miller’s Crossing … about 500 of them … and they are pulling siege equipment (!).

We head downriver. There is no riverine traffic. There are columns of smoke on the far side.

We guess the garrison can only hold out a couple of days.

A cordon does seem to be building on our side of the river as we move downstream. We find one element of this and attack. There are more of them than we bargained on, at least three waves, and they have missile troops and healers among them, and some fighter-types competent to put marks on those they hit. A long, nasty fight ends up with us winning, again with one surviving prisoner. This was one watch party and half of the guys from the next group of kobolds; all told, an 1800-XP encounter.

Keeping a lookout, we lash together a raft of deadfallen wood. IT is enough to support our boys, and we launch them downstream. We then take our prisoner and run from the launch point to avoid further trouble, since we got chewed up pretty good.



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