The Company of the Silver Star

Session 1: 10 Oct 2008

We wake up in bad shape on a battlefield where we were nearly wiped out.

Three boys (bearers for other military units?) were hunting, and heard & saw the kobolds. They are now cut off from home, and made it to us as the kobolds moved off. They found us, bandaged us, brought us around. Not all the Company were stripped.

We spend a healing surge. It is dusk. The boys will take orders from us. The survivors from the Company form up and get re-acquainted. [Introductions happen.]

We got overwhelmed by waves of kobolds. We have all our powers still. We are half a day out from Valdere, outbound north fof Miller’s Bridge. We’d been unconcious for a couple of hours. The kobolds didn’t strip everything (odd), but they don’t normally go in armies, either.

We rest, but we also scrounge stuff lying around us, and on the bodies of our fallen comrades. There is a skill challenge to collect stuff, ourselves, and move back toward town without running into more kobolds.

Eventually we set up an ambush to hit kobolds moving down the road. There is a jolly fight, as the kobolds include javelineers, slingers, swordskobolds, and a couple of drakes. At the end of it we overcome them, taking one prisoner. Mendel, our wizard, performs a Comprehend Language ritual and we interrogate the captive. He tells us, “All of us. All the tribes. Ordered by the god to attack the human city.” And, “We don’t believe in prisoners.”

It is now after dark. The kobold scouts and command group seems to have passed us by. We find the remnants of the Company command, and scavenge some magic stuff: a set of Razor Scale armor (goes to Zeb), two sets of Sylvan Leather armor (go to Blender and Kesh’t), a Cape of the Mountebank (to Kos), and a Seashell of Melora (to Urrik). We also scavenge a healing potion and about 110 gp in various jewelry. We move a mile or two away from the battlefield and camp. We got 2400 XPs as a party for the session.



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